I am inspired by this beautiful story by author Vineet Nayar in the Economics Times article i wanted to share.

It was 3 am when the train stopped at Ratlam. A boy, just 8, stepped out of the train attracted by the fascinating scene outside. The train starts moving. Someone shouts. The boy is jolted out of his dreams and runs to catch the train. He catches the side bars but fails to pull himself up. He keeps running and tries again and again but fails each time. Fear and doubt creep into his mind. The train gathers speed. A critical choice faces him — give up or take a chance and keep running. He runs again, faster, taking one more chance to get on the train; feeling hopeless but not giving up, yet. Seeing the boy losing the battle, a vegetable vendor runs towards him and throws him into the last compartment of the train, to be reunited later with his family, sleeping unaware. I have always wondered why did I keep running? Why did I take that chance despite fear and doubt overpowering my mind? Did my taking the unlikely chance of running create the magic of someone helping me to get on the train?

That lesson has stayed with me all my life – someone out there is waiting to throw you on a train you believe to have missed, if only you decide to take that chance.